Martinique has long recognized the importance of preserving its extraordinary natural beauty and diverse ecosystems. You’ll find a wealth of activities that allow you to experience the great outdoors while minimizing your environmental footprint, including canyoning in the rainforest, snorkeling in crystal-clear waters, kayaking along islets and bays, and cycling or horseback riding along the coast.

For a truly relaxing experience, stay in one of the island’s eco-friendly accommodations.

At Hotel Bambou, the Tropical Spa reinvents the art of well-being by inviting your body and your mind to live, in full awareness, a unique experience.

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Unwind with a spa treatment amid stunning natural surroundings at Eden Paradise Spa Ecolodge in Sainte-Luce. Or, head to Le Domaine des Bulles in Le Vauclin, where you’ll sleep in a transparent “bubble” room surrounded by greenery and enjoy relaxing treatments at the wellness center.