Martinique produces the best rum ever and we are not the only one to know that!

Martinique rums have been awarded the prestigious French designation “Appellation d’Origine Protégée”. It means that rums are carefully made in accordance with the highest standards of the AOP, the governing rules for rhum agricole production. This distinction was previously only reserved to the finest wines in France.

Martinican rum has been rewarded 10 medals in Paris, at the “Salon de l’agriculture”. From North to South, through the historical distilleries of the island, there is a rum for every palate. Taste the many varieties of rums as well as delicious local liquors made out of rum with coconut, passion fruit, sorrel or orange flavoured, a Christmas must called “shrubb”.

For a passionate connoisseur, we may also recommend our old rum, often compared to a superb cognac. So before leaving, shop at “Le Grand Marché” in Fort-de-France, for delicious locally made liquors or try any supermarket or superette, there, you will find many Grands Rhums to bring back home for a lasting taste of Martinique.