The island’s health, security, and water systems meets the highest European standards of quality and safety.

No vaccination is required to enter Martinique. Health restrictions linked to COVID 19 have no longer applied since August 2022. Therefore, no tests or vaccines are required to enter the territory.

You can find many pharmacies all over the island, particularly in the center of the island towards Fort de France and Le Lamentin.

Water : Tap water is drinkable everywhere.

Electricity : Voltage is 220 AC. Power adapters required. Visitors travelling with hair dryers, electric razors, and other appliances made for use in North America will require power adapters.

Telecommunications : Martinique has all communication facilities: wifi, telephone, access to the international network, mobiles. The Internet network is efficient and most hotels and restaurants offer WiFi access, also available at the airport. Telephone numbers in Martinique all have 10 digits and start with 596 for landlines or 696 for mobiles.

Emergency numbers:

Emergency : Dial 112
Samu (Medical Emergency) : Dial 15
Police : Dial 17
Fire Department : Dial 18

Sea Rescue (CROSSAG) : t: + 596 596 70 92 92