Welcome to Sable Bleu Boutique Hotel, the first 4-star property to open in Le Marin, a picturesque town located on the southern Caribbean coast of Martinique, approximately 30 km from Aimé Césaire
international airport.

Genuine urban oasis facing the sea, just steps from Le Marin’s bustling marina, Sable Bleu Bou- tique hotel is an invitation to travel. Its modern refined design has been developed around a natural skylight that traverses the floors, from its iconic glass ceiling to its warm patio. The 16 comfortable and functional rooms are spread throughout three levels and available in three categories. Balcony facing the sea or with more of an intimate view, a discreet view overlooking the patio, or terrace access… Each room has its own distinctive features, ensuring to each guest a personalized experience.

*Opening second semester of 2023

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