Martinique’s sheer variety of natural landscapes has to be seen to be believed and with two-thirds of the island covered in protected parkland, the terrain is marvelously unspoiled.

With its lush landscapes and extraordinary biodiversity, Martinique is one of the Caribbean’s top ecotourism destinations. UNESCO added the entire island of Martinique to its World Network of Biosphere Reserves, which promotes biodiversity conservation and sustainable development.

No matter which activity you choose, you’re bound to encounter some of the island’s colorful wildlife: anole lizards, iguanas, mongooses, and exotic birds such as the blue-headed hummingbird, gray trembler, and the endemic Martinique oriole.

For nature lovers

The Caribs who settled in Martinique called it the “isle of flowers,” and it’s easy to see why: blazingred bougainvilleas, fragrant white frangipani, and about a hundred species of orchids thrive in the warm, humid climate. Two sprawling nature parks— the Jardin de Balata near Fort-de-France and the Domaine d’Émeraude near the northern town of Le Morne-Rouge—have gorgeous landscaped gardens and forests where you can admire countless species of indigenous plants and trees.