Passion Outremer : Plantation and Creole garden tour

On this half-day tour, you’ll learn about two facets of Caribbean agriculture: banana plantations, where bananas are grown for export, and small Creole gardens, where families grow their own food and generate extra income. The tour begins with a visit to the Habitation Belfort banana plantation, where you’ll hop aboard a small train for a guided tour of the site, followed by a tasting of locally grown products. Next, you’ll head to the Montagne du Vauclin, where local farmers will show you the plants, fruits, and vegetables of a traditional Creole garden.

Tourcrib makes you discover culinary activities

Tourcrib offers a variety of activities designed for foodies who want to take a deep dive into Martinican cuisine. Sign up for a cooking class and learn to prepare local vegetarian specialties such as vegetable accras and papaya gratin; sample delicious dishes on a walking tour of Fort-de-France; or taste the island’s exquisite pastries, fruits, liqueurs, and more on an adventure through northwestern Martinique.

Anoli Tours : Gourmet tours of Fort-de-France

Discover the flavors of Martinique on a 3.5-hour foodie walking tour. With a maximum of eight people per party, you’re guaranteed an immersive and personalized dining experience. This tasty tour, featuring Creole dishes and French fusion cuisine, will take you to a candy stand, bakery, delicatessen and more. Afterward, leave with exclusive recommendations on where and what to eat during the rest of your tour.

Beyond The Beach for a great culinary experience

Discovery of the culinary specialties of Martinique by eating with the locals. Located in Fort de France, Lucie welcomes you to her home for a delicious homemade meal. For lunch or dinner, you can reserve a place to enjoy delicious dishes with someone who will talk about Martinique, give you good advice and have a good time of sharing. Lucie, a Martiniquaise, will welcome you to her home where a freshly prepared local meal will be waiting for you.