On December 3, 2022, the inaugural port of call of the MSC Seaside in Martinique took place. A colossal cruise ship measuring 323 meters, it can accommodate up to 5,179 passengers and 1,413 crew members. It is also one of the two main ships on the main line in Martinique with embarkations and disembarkations every Saturday at the Tourelles terminal.

To celebrate the arrival of this giant of the seas in Martinique, as well as the long professional relationship between MSC and the Martinique destination, Martinique Tourism Authority organized a program of special events at the Tourelles terminal (tasting workshops, dances and artists premises, light shows, water cannons, fireworks, postcards in the colors of MSC and the destination). A press conference was also held, as well as the traditional exchange of inaugural plaques between the destination and the cruise ship.

[Credit video : Chronoprod]