Martinique wins gold at the Magellan Awards 2022

The Isle of Flowers has just been recognized with two Travel Weekly 2022 Magellan Awards announced this October.

“We are absolutely thrilled that Martinique has been honored twice by Travel Weekly’s 2022 Magellan Awards.” said Gaetan Paderna, Interim Director of the Martinique Tourism Authority. “After last year’s Gold Award for Eco-friendliness, we are proud to be acknowledged this year as a top culinary and family-friendly destination. We look forward to welcoming very soon American travel agents and their clients.”

The Gold was awarded for “Martinique: A Culinary Delight” which highlights the Isle of Flowers distinctive French-Creole cuisine. It also highlights the island’s world-renowned and award-winning agricultural rums and the fascinating story of the return of coffee growing in Martinique. It is also notable that the prestigious VATEL School–rated France’s #1 Hospitality & Leisure Management school by QS World University Rankings—recently opened in Fort-de-France. The island’s new chefs will guarantee excellence and creative twists of their own in the years and decades to come.

The Silver award went to “Family-Friendly Martinique.” It highlights the range of accommodations that the island can offer families that include the island’s varied villa options for multi-generational trips. Activities include hiking & water sports, outdoor museums & attraction parks and the many experiences that parents & kids can enjoy together. Not to mention the peace of mind of Martinique’s modern and reliable infrastructure–roads, hospitals and other services, that are all on par with any other part of the European Union.

Martinique is also on a roll with UNESCO nods. After being recognized for its traditional Yole Sailboats in 2020, the eco-friendly island in its entirety was declared a World Biosphere Reserve in September of 2021. With a decision to be announced this fall-winter, the Isle of Flowers is up for UNESCO’S Natural Sites list for the towering Mount Pelée and the Pitons of Northern Martinique. 2022 is the 120th anniversary of the volcano’s eruption.