Seaborne Airlines and Jetblue announce interline agreement

Seabore Airlines recently announced their new interline agreement with JetBlue. This new agreement facilitates connections between JetBlue flights to/from SJU and Seaborne flights between SJU and FDF.

With the agreement, baggage can be checked at either JetBlue or Seaborne and bags will be transferred without having to be rechecked. Additionally, Seaborne Airlines tickets will be sold on and both JetBlue and Seaborne will be able to issue each others boarding passes in the coming weeks.

Seaborne Airlines has been operating in the Caribbean for over 20 years, carrying more than two million customers safely.

The airline started service to FDF-Martinique in June 2013 on a 4-day a week schedule.

Flights from SJU to FDF operate on SUN-WED-FRI-SAT.

Flights from SJU to FDF operate on SUN-MON-THUR-SAT.

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