Mrs. Bénédicte di Geronimo, Martinique’s New Tourism Commissioner

Dear Travel Advisors and Friends of Martinique,

The Martinique Tourism Authority has the pleasure to introduce Mrs. Bénédicte di GERONIMO, newly appointed as the Tourism Commissioner of the island.

With managerial experience in the economic sector, the 43-year-old Tourism Commissioner, a bank Senior Executive and graduate of the University of la Sorbonne in Paris, is already working to reduce the impact of the pandemic on Martinique’s tourism economy.

“My priority is to have Martinique strive more than ever for Excellence! With the support of our Private Sector, we will put our Hospitality, our Culture, our Heritage and our People in the forefront of our offer and positioning.

I want to thank each of you travel advisors for your trust and support. The whole island is looking forward to welcoming your clients with open arms.”

Merci & à bientôt!